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    ColorBar® Labels Printing Software


    Design and Print File Labels and Folders On-Demand with Your PC and Color Printer.



    ColorBar 8.2 Print is loaded on one computer and is licensed for one seat only. View Prices.

    ColorBar Express is accessed through the web and allows users to log in to access the software though the internet. It is sold as a single seat and additional seats are a low cost. View Prices.

    ColorBar Composer create any size label with custom color codes, symbols, text, bar codes and images. Automate label production by using data from virtually any database source. View Prices.

    ColorBar 8.2 Network is loaded on the server and is licensed for any 3 concurrent users anywhere on the network. View Prices.

    ALL can utilize a database instead of manual input or data can be manually input.

    ALL utilize sheeted label stock (only genuine Smead ColorBar labels) or Smart Strip or Click Strip individual sheets.


    • Why Color Coding?
    • Why ColorBar?
    • Design Your Labels

    Color Coding reduce filing and retrieval time – Color codes guide users to within inches of desired folder. Virtually eliminates misfiles. Reduces labeling cost to pennies per label. Improves the availability and use of information.


    Why Choose ColorBar?


    Simple. Flexible. Integratable. The ColorBar® suite of color labeling products gives you the power to produce labels with maximum ease and flexibility. Whether you print one label at a time, need label design capability, or require label printing at multiple locations, ColorBar meets your color labeling needs.

    Design and Print File Labels and Folders On-Demand with Your PC and Color Printer. ColorBar is a label design and printing application that helps maximize the efficiency of your paper filing system. Quickly and easily create labels and folders that include file headings, color coded indexing, bar codes, text, imges, and graphics.


    ColorBar makes managing large filing systems less labor intesive and virturally elimintes misfiled documents. Integrate ColorBar labeled folders into your current filing system with exact visual and color match, or create a new filing system tailored to your organization's needs.


    ColorBar is a perfect solution for high-volume filing departments or any company that wants an easy way to generate color coded files on-demend.


    Easy to use software for printing color coded labels using your PC and color printer. Print any number of different label designs or print entire folders using ColorBar printable folders. ColorBar Print integrates with document management applications, and can print labels automatically from host data.

    Design your label to match any existing system, including Smead®, Tab®, Jeter®, Ames®, Barkley®, Traco®, GBS/VRE and Kardex®.

    Design your label to match any existing system.

    • Automated label printing
    • Database connectivity
    • Advanced integration features
    • Advanced label design capability
    • Comprehensive bar code support
    • Works with unlimited ColorBar 7 label designs
    • Create alphabetic, numeric or custom index filing systems
    • Match any existing system, including Smead, Tab, Jeter, Ames, Barkley, Traco, GBS/VRE and Kardex
    • Generate labels from keyboard entry or import data from virtually any source
    • Create labels to your exact specifications
    • True WYSIWYG design and editing
    • Available for web, stand-alone or network applications
    • Integratable with records management software packages



    Print file labels and folders on-demand  with your PC and color printer.

    Click image above to enlarge

    ColorBar Labels are available in a wide variety of sizes.

    ColorBar Labels are available in a wide variety of sizes. Templates for each are included in the software, or create your own custom designed label sheet.


    On GSA Contract.
    4Post Personal Storage Locker.
    4Post Personal Storage Locker
    Center Tab Out Guides.
    Out Guides
    Custom Indexes Chart Divider Sets.
    Custom Indexes Chart Divider sets
    Filing Accessories.
    Filing Accessories
    ColorBar Labels Design Printing Software.
    ColorBar Labels Design Software
    Build the perfect folder for your filing needs.
    LapTop Storage Locker.
    LapTop Storage Locker
    Mobile Carts, Industrial Service Carts, Utility Carts.
    Mobile Service Carts & Utility Carts
    Large Documents Storage Filing Solutions.
    Vertical Large Document Filing

    Minimum Orders:
    Effective June 1, 2013, our minimum order is $50.00. A $10.00 charge will apply on any product order of less than our minimum order amount. All orders are subject to a minimum shipping/handling charge of $15.95. All verbal / faxed / or emailed orders will be processed within 24-48 hours. Once you have placed your order via fax, email or telephone, you will receive an order acknowledgement via email or fax to confirm receipt of your order, including any estimated shipping/delivery charge if requested. You may call or email us in advance for the estimated charges. Click here for a faxable order form to place an order or to obtain a quote.

    Prices & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. Terms & Conditions Apply.


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