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  • File Tracking Software
  • Filing Accessories
  • Fireproof File Cabinets
  • Furniture for Cafeteria
  • HIPAA Medical File Folders
  • Indexes & Filebacks
  • Label Design Software
  • Mailroom Furniture Systems
  • Medical Alert Card
  • Mobile Filing Systems
  • Mobile Mail Carts/Sorters
  • Office Furniture Solutions
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    Mobile Filing Systems
    High Density Compact Mobile Filing Solutions, customized to fit your budget and spaces.
    Record Storage Cabinets
    File storage solutions for high-density filing, open-shelf filing, lateral and vertical filing, multimedia, mix media and more.
    Rotary File Cabinets
    Rotary File Cabinets
    Shelving System Types
    High Denstiy Compact Filing Systems, Security Locking Units, Carousel Cabinets, Open Shelf Filing and more...
    Tambour Door Kits
    Tambour Door Kits, roll-up locking door that covers your shelving securely when not in use.
    Tambour Door Cabinets
    Tambour Door Storage Cabinets For File Folders, Ring Binders, Multimedia, Medical Records, Mix Media and HIPAA Compliant Solutions.
    Vertical Filing Cabinets
    Vertical Filing Cabinets.
    Fireproof File Cabinets
    We offer entire line of insulated fireproof file storage cabinets, safes, media, data proteciton files and vault doors.
    Computer & Laptop Storage Solutions
    Computer and Laptop Storage Cabinet.
    Office Furniture Solutions
    Modular office furnitures, Workstations, Technical Security Furnitures, Office Chairs, Tables, Cafeteria Furnitures.
    Planfile Systems
    Fireproof files storage for large size documents.
    Mobile File Carts
    Mobile Carts, Files Cart, Multi-media Cart, Printer Stand and more.
    Mailroom Furniture Systems
    Modular mailroom mailmaster systems, mail sort stations, sort modules, mailroom cabinets and tables, literature sorting rack and more.
    Mobile Mail Carts/Sorters
    Mobile Mail Carts, Mail Sorters, Mail Processing Furniture and more.
    Cafeteria Furniture
    Furnitures for Cafeteria, Lunchroom, Staff Kitchen, Food Courts and more.
    Filing Accessories
    Filing Accessories.
    Radiology Office Supplies
    Radiology, Medical office supplies, X-ray medical jackets, film carriers, filebacks divider, index tabs, medical alert labels...
    Wood & Steel Bookcases
    High quality handcrafted wood and steel bookcases.
    Industrial Service Carts & Platform Trucks
    Industrial Service Carts & Platform Trucks.
    File Tracking Software
    File Tracking Software.
    Label Design Software
    We customized all color-coded filing systems, label software solutions to fit your existing systems.
    File Folder Products
    End-tab, Side-tab, Top-tab filing folders and accessories.
    Color Coded Strip Labels
    Color Coded Strip Labels.
    Side Tabs File Back
    Top Fastener, Side Tabs Fileback.
    Side Tabs Fileback
    Side Fastener, Side Tabs Fileback.
    Bottom Tabs Fileback
    Top Fastener, Bottom Tabs Fileback.
    Custom Indexes & Fileback
    Custom Indexes and Fileback.
    ICE - Medical Alert Card
    In Case of Emergency Medical alert Card (ICE).
    HIPAA Color Coded Folders
    HIPAA Color Coded File Folders.
    Bank Vault Equipment
    Bank Vault Equipment.
    Library Furniture Mohawk Series (pdf)
    Library Furniture Mohawk Series.
    Professional Data Shredders
    Professional Data Shredders.
    On GSA Contract.
    4Post Personal Storage Locker.
    4Post Personal Storage Locker
    Center Tab Out Guides.
    Out Guides
    Custom Indexes Chart Divider Sets.
    Custom Indexes Chart Divider sets
    Filing Accessories.
    Filing Accessories
    ColorBar Labels Design Printing Software.
    ColorBar Labels Design Software
    Build the perfect folder for your filing needs.
    LapTop Storage Locker.
    LapTop Storage Locker
    Mobile Carts, Industrial Service Carts, Utility Carts.
    Mobile Service Carts & Utility Carts
    Large Documents Storage Filing Solutions.
    Vertical Large Document Filing

    When it comes to putting things in their place in the business world; no one does it better than American Filing Solutions. We are a total office solutions company that specializes in custom office cabinets, custom office cabinets for office labels and custom office furniture and will stop at nothing to meet the demands of our clients. Call us today and see how American Filing Solutions products can turn your business into a profit machine.

    Office storage solutions are our passion and the foundation of our business. For years our custom office cabinets and custom high density storage filing cabinets, medical filing cabinets, rolling file cabinets, file storage systems have made onsite record storage and medical file organization a simple and secure task. Need to store more stuff in less space use our mobile filing cabinets, large document vertical file storage system, mail carts, filing solutions, mobile filing cabinet. Properly storing important documents are crucial to great book keeping, accurate inventory, pain free audits and regulations and just an overall well managed office. Don’t let your medical practice or office become full of clutter and sensitive and important documents exposed; we will design high density filing, custom filing cabinets to keep everything in order. Our medical office cabinets, medical filing systems, mobile file cabinets, medical records file storage system and medical file cabinets help medical practices improve workflow..

    Spin-N-File Rotary Binder Carousel is the right binder office furniture that will not only meet your needs but comfortably accommodate your staff is the key to the success of your business. We have a wide range of office furniture that can be customized to fit your exact office space, number of workforce and design that will help your business run efficiently and effectively. Don’t just settle for subpar office furniture that can’t handle your company’s current and future needs.. Let American Filing Solutions outfit your business with custom office furniture that will stand the test of time.

    Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can find all the great storage products and filing storage services we provide to businesses nationwide. Our dedication to customer service and meeting the office furniture, custom office cabinets, office labels, custom filing cabinet, and high density storage demands of our clients is what drives us to be the number one office solutions providers. Some of the areas that we service are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacremento, Long Beach and Las Vegas. Call us today and see how American Filing Solutions can help your business run lean and mean.

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    Minimum Orders:
    Effective June 1, 2013, our minimum order is $50.00. A $10.00 charge will apply on any product order of less than our minimum order amount. All orders are subject to a minimum shipping/handling charge of $15.95. All verbal / faxed / or emailed orders will be processed within 24-48 hours. Once you have placed your order via fax, email or telephone, you will receive an order acknowledgement via email or fax to confirm receipt of your order, including any estimated shipping/delivery charge if requested. You may call or email us in advance for the estimated charges. Click here for a faxable order form to place an order or to obtain a quote.

    Prices & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. Terms & Conditions Apply.


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