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    Multi-Media Storage Cabinets - Secure Storage Filing Systems


    Multi-Media Storage Cabinets.

    Secure Storage Cabinets that come with all steel bi-parting tambour doors. Optional interior components such as storage drawers, shelves and storage compartments provide a secure and space efficient storage solution for files, computer media, laptops, PDA's, hard drives and much more. The combinations are endless and we build every cabinet to order. Build your cabinet now and remember that it can be re-configured in the future.


    We can help you customized your filing solutions. Please contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or email at for more information.


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    Multi-Media Storage Cabinets


  • Mix and match components
  • Cabinets available in 6 heights
  • All cabinets are 36"W x 22"D
  • All steel bi-parting tambour door
  • Heavy gauge steel construction (All welded unit)
  • Various lock options to choose from
  • 1/2" increment adjustment for all components
  • 3 standard powder coat textured paint finishes (Beige Santex, Black Santex and Grey Santex)
  • Completely flexible and interchangeable anytime
  • Component Options: Multi-Media roll-out shelves, filing drawers, shelves, laptop inserts and much more. ALL components are pre-installed exactly where you want them BEFORE your cabinet is shipped. View more configurations. Securely store end tab filing, binders, various media and important documents.

    Standard powder coat textured paint finishes: Beige Santex, Grey Santex and Black Santex


    Standard cabinet finishes.

    Freight and inside delivery required additional quotation, please fill out Shipping Quote Form (pdf). Contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or email at for a quote or more information.


    FOB: Tonawanda,  NY  14150 - PP&ADD

    Standard delivery 3 - 5 weeks.

    Stock availability and order quantities may require additional ship days.

    Shipped Fully Assembled.


    All Cabinets are Empty, Build Your Cabinet with Components Below

    Item No. Description Internal Useable Est. Lbs. Sale Price
    050-00736 36"H Empty Cabinet, Overall Dimension: 36"H x 36"W x 22"D 25.5"H 145 $872.00
    050-00754 55"H Empty Cabinet, Overall Dimension: 55"H x 36"W x 22"D 44.5"H 175 $1,112.00
    050-00760 60"H Empty Cabinet, Overall Dimension: 60"H x 36"W x 22"D 49.5"H 190 $1,192.00
    050-00766 66"H Empty Cabinet, Overall Dimension: 66"H x 36"W x 22"D 55"H 203 $1,272.00
    050-00772 72"H Empty Cabinet, Overall Dimension: 72"H x 36"W x 22"D 61.5"H 215 $1,352.00
    050-00783 83"H Empty Cabinet, Overall Dimension: 83"H x 36"W x 22"D 72.5"H 233 $1,432.00
    050-90001 ABLOY Lock & 2 Keys - - $88.00
    050-90005 ABLOY Master Key - - $33.00
    050-99500 Combi-Lock 3 Digit - - $34.00
    050-99540 Combi-Lock 4 Digit - - $40.00
    050-99001 WESKO Lock - - $34.00
    050-99010 WESKO Master Key - - $21.00
    050-99600 COMP-X Digital Lock - - $364.00
    050-99610 COMP-X Digital Lock (Audit Trail) - - $604.00

    Faxable Order Form (PDF).   On-Line Order Form.   Obtain Shipping Quote (PDF). 


    ALL components are pre-installed exactly where you want them BEFORE your cabinet is shipped. Please contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or email at for a quote and more information.


    Plain Shelf.
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00701 Plain Shelf, End-tab/Ring Binders Filing 10.5 $86.00
    050-00707 Heavy Duty Shelf, 200 lbs capacity 12 $117.00
    050-00713 Back Plate 5 Dividers, use above shelves 11 $73.00


    Multi-Media Roll-out Shelf.
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00706 Multi-Media Drawer with Dividers 20 $290.00


    Each drawer comes complete with (8) front to back dividers and (9) compressor/flip dividers. You can easily customize the drawer to your application.


    CD/DVD Roll-out Shelf.


    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00702 Plain Roll-out Shelf 26 $189.00
    050-00725 CD/DVD Drawer Slotted 19 $249.00


    Capacity: 276 slim case (2 per slot). 138 jewel case (1 per slot).


    Filing Bin Drawer.


    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00704 Filing Bin Drawer 29 $253.00
    050-00720 Lockable Lid for Bin Drawer * 5 $97.00


    *Lock not included, specify type.

    Shown left: drawer with lid.


    Roll-out Reference Shelf.
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00726 Roll-out Reference Shelf 22 $156.00



    3-compartment Insert.
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00740 3-Compartment Insert 22 $310.00


    Shown Left: (4) 3-compartment units stacked together, total of (12) individual compartments. Each individual compartment comes complete with its own private lock and keys and a label holder built in.

    Each individual compartment measures: 10.25"W x 14.5"D x 4.5"H


    2 Compartment Insert .
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00742 2-Compartment Insert 21 $256.00

    Shown Left: (4) 2-Compartment insert. Ideal for laptops or notebooks. Both compartments are secured with their own lock and 2 keys.

    Each Compartment: 16.0"W x 14.5"D x 4.5"H


    6 Compartment Insert.
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00946 6-Compartment Insert 25 $368.00

    Shown Left:
    (4) 6-Compartment Insert, securely store small personal items such as camera’s, phones, wallets, keys, PDA’s, weapons, etc. It can be combined with the 2 & 3 compartment inserts in any size cabinet to build a custom secure lock up to suit your requirement.

    Each Compartment: 5"W x 14.5"D x 4.5"H


    Compartment with shelves.
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-09065 3 Compartment (with 6 shelves) 40 $360.00
    050-09073 3 Compartment Locking (with 6 shelves) 45 $440.00


    Locking compartment secure senitive materials, mails and valuable items.


    Caster Base.
    Item No. Description Est. Lbs. Price
    050-00714 Optional Caster Base 32 $409.00


    The height of your cabinet will increase by 5" overall. All four casters are heavy duty (2 fixed with locks & 2 swivel).

    For safety, DO NOT put a cabinet over 66" high on a caster base.




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    Effective June 1, 2013, our minimum order is $50.00. A $10.00 charge will apply on any product order of less than our minimum order amount. All orders are subject to a minimum shipping/handling charge of $15.95. All verbal / faxed / or emailed orders will be processed within 24-48 hours. Once you have placed your order via fax, email or telephone, you will receive an order acknowledgement via email or fax to confirm receipt of your order, including any estimated shipping/delivery charge if requested. You may call or email us in advance for the estimated charges. Click here for a faxable order form to place an order or to obtain a quote.

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