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    Pinfile Large Documents Vertical Filing Cabinet


    Large Documents Vertical Filing Cabinets.


    Large document Storage Cabinets. The Pinfile utilizes an advanced indexing system and quality construction to make large document filing easier. Pinfile features such as unique design which holds the lid safely open, and a heavy-duty, zero tolerance door slide which allows the unit to operate with ease and stability. The Parallel Pin File gives maximum document support. The Pin and Post Pinfile is 100% compatible with the Safco Masterfile. See how Pinfile work.


    - Standard European filing system

    - Document retrieval in 15 seconds or less

    - Estimated capacity 1200 files

    - Various size documents can be filed in one unit

    - ALL have locks

    - Estimated deliveries of 3-4 weeks

    - View Pinfile System Movie


    Available in "parallel pin" and "pin & post" configurations

    The "pin & post" configuration is equivalent to the Safco Masterfile

    Replace Safco Masterfile 5023AH with Model #MP24.
    Replace Safco Masterfile 5024AH with Model #MP30.
    Replace Safco Masterfile 5025AH with Model #MP48.


      Pinfile MP Series
    Pin and Post.

    • Suspension filing for documents up to 36”x48”
    • Compatible with other U.S. suspension systems
    • Features “pin & post” construction
    • Models include:
      • MP24  for documents up to 24”x36”
      • MP30 for documents up to 30”x42”
      • MP48 for documents up to 36”x48”
    • Unit capacity of 1200 documents

      Pinfile M Series
    Parallel Pins.

    • Suspension filing for documents up to 36”x48”
    • European standard for large document filing
    • Features “parallel pin” construction
    • Models include:
      • M24  for documents up to 24”x36”
      • M30 for documents up to 30”x42”
      • M48 for documents up to 36”x48”
    • Unit capacity of 1200 documents


    Please specify finishes: Putty, Medium Gray, Medium Beige, Dark Gray, Black, Platinum and Desert Sand (see below for standard color options)

    All Pinfile cabinet have lock

    Quantity discount pricing available

    Freight Class from 14750: Class 70

    NOTE: Freight and inside delivery required additional quotation, please fill out Shipping Quote Form (pdf). Contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or email at for more information.


    M models are parallel pin models.

    MP models have a Pin and Post configuration compatible with the Masterfile 2.


    Model No. Max. Sheet-Size Pin-Style Width Closed Depth Open Depth Height Est. Lbs. Sale Price
    M24 24" x 36" Parallel 34-1/2" 19-1/2" 31" 42-1/8" 245 $2,645.00
    M30 30" x 42" Parallel 42-1/2" 19-1/2" 31" 54-3/8" 350 $3,172.00
    M48 36" x 48" Parallel 61-1/2" 19-1/2" 31" 42-1/8" 390 $3,695.00
    MP24 24" x 36" Pin-&-Post 34-1/2" 19-1/2" 31" 42-1/8" 245 $2,645.00
    MP30 30" x 42" Pin-&-Post 42-1/2" 19-1/2" 31" 54-3/8" 350 $3,172.00
    MP48 36 "x 48" Pin-&-Post 61-1/2" 19-1/2" 31" 42-1/8" 390 $3,695.00

    Faxable Order Form (PDF).   On-Line Order Form.   Obtain Shipping Quote (PDF).


    Model No. Description - Pinfile Accessories Est. Lbs. Price
    M164T Suspension Tape 164 ft. Roll for Pinfile Parallel Pin Set 1.5 $86.00
    M164P Suspension Tape 164 ft. Roll for Pin & Post Set 1.5 $86.00
    D24 24" divider strips for M24 in pack of 10 1.5 $33.20
    D30 30" divider strips for M30 in pack of 10 1.7 $36.50
    D48 48" divider strips for M48 in pack of 10 2.0 $49.80
    DP24 24" divider strips for MP24 in pack of 10 1.5 $33.20
    DP30 30" divider strips for MP30 in pack of 10 1.7 $36.50
    DP48 48" divider strips for MP48 in pack of 10 2.0 $49.80


    Standard Colors shown are for representation only. All cabinets are powder coated with a durable texture finish. We have carefully selected these finishes to be similar to our old colors but you may notice a slight variation.

    Standard Colors.


    How the Pinfile Works

    Pinfile filing systems.

    File a variety of sheets in one cabinet

    File a variety of sheets in one cabinet.
    • First, open the lid and use the quick reference indexing system to locate the appropriate document.

    • Lightly glide open the front of the cabinet until it stops in the reference position. In this position the pins remain overlapped to ensure that no document can fall off.

    • After you have found and centered the document you are looking for, open the cabinet into its filing position and slide the document off the pins and out either side of the cabinet.

    • Buttons on the face of the cabinet provide temporary storage for a document while the cabinet is being opened or closed. The Pinfile's two different pin configurations (parallel and pin-and-post) are each available in three sizes.The Pinfile effectively combines advanced design and sturdy construction to create a filing system that is ahead of its time.



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    Minimum Orders:
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