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    ESP Standard Shelving Package, Multi-purpose Storage Shelving


    ESP shelving can be assembled quickly using the supplied nuts, bolts and shelf clips. All necessary components are in one box for easy ordering.

    ESP Shelving Storage Systems. Lightweight but durable packaged shelving offers multi-purpose use at a reasonable price. ESP Shelving will deliver economical, dependable storage in office stockrooms, supplies room, storage facilities or warehouse. View Interactive Features.

    The design permits loads up to 250 pounds per shelf.

    All ESP shelves incorporate multiple-bend flanges with lapped and welded corners. The design permits loads up to 250 pounds per shelf.

    ESP shelving comes complete with end plates and back braces.

    ESP shelving comes complete with end plates and back braces to assure the unit’s rigidity.

    Standard Configurations

    ESP shelving is available in a 75" height with either four or five openings. Choose Open-Style or Closed Style. Extra shelves are also available.

    Variety of Depths

    Available in three depths to suit any application.

    Quick Assembly

    ESP shelving can be assembled quickly using the supplied nuts, bolts and shelf clips. All necessary components are in one box for easy ordering.


    For maximum flexibility, shelves adjust in 1" increments to store a wide variety of items in different shapes, heights, and sizes.

    ESP Packaged Shelving

    Painted with a tough, baked-on enamel finish to assure years of lasting beauty.


    • Shelving units are 75" high and 36" wide
    • Available 3 depth: 12", 18" & 24"
    • Available in Open-Style and Closed-Style
    • 4-Openings or 5-Openings shelving available
    • ESP Package Shelving are individually cartoned
    • Shelf capacities up to 250 lbs

    Open-Style ESP Shelving are in stock.

    Color: Medium Grey Only. Usually available for shipment in two to five business days.

    Color: Medium Grey.

    Storage Shelving.

    NOTE: Freight and inside delivery required additional quotation. Please contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or email at for more information. Freight Class 70.


    Item No. Description Width Depth Height Est. Lbs. List Price Sale Price
    ESP-1236 12"D ESP Shelving Open-Style, 4 Openings 36" 12" 75" 48 $150.00 $113.00
    ESP-1836 18"D ESP Shelving Open-Style, 4 Openings 36" 18" 75" 61 $182.00 $137.00
    ESP-2436 24"D ESP Shelving Open-Style, 4 Openings 36" 24" 75" 73 $215.00 $162.00
    ESP-6-1236 12"D ESP Shelving Open-Style, 5 Openings 36" 12" 75" 53 $158.00 $119.00
    ESP-6-1836 18"D ESP Shelving Open-Style, 5 Openings 36" 18" 75" 68 $191.00 $144.00
    ESP-6-2436 24"D ESP Shelving Open-Style, 5 Openings 36" 24" 75" 77 $229.00 $172.00
    ESPC1236 12"D ESP Shelving Closed-Style, 4 Openings 36" 12" 75" 72 $257.00 $193.00
    ESPC1836 18"D ESP Shelving Closed-Style, 4 Openings 36" 18" 75" 94 $289.00 $217.00
    ESPC2436 24"D ESP Shelving Closed-Style, 4 Openings 36" 24" 75" 112 $334.00 $251.00
    ESPC61236 12"D ESP Shelving Closed-Style, 5 Openings 36" 12" 75" 78 $269.00 $202.00
    ESPC61836 18"D ESP Shelving Closed-Style, 5 Openings 36" 18" 75" 102 $309.00 $232.00
    ESPC62436 24"D ESP Shelving Closed-Style, 5 Openings 36" 24" 75" 121 $358.00 $269.00
    ES-12 Extra Shelves 12"D (2 shelves/carton) 36" 12" 1" 6 - $38.40
    ES-18 Extra Shelves 18"D (2 shelves/carton) 36" 18" 1" 8.2 - $46.00
    ES-24 Extra Shelves 24"D (2 shelves/carton) 36" 24" 1" 10.8 - $54.00

    Faxable Order Form (PDF).   On-Line Order Form.




    Materials: Shelves are fabricated of high quality, cold rolled carbon steel, free of scale or rust and fully pickled. Exposed edges, corners and surface areas are free of sharp edges and all workmanship is of the highest quality as measured by the industry.


    Finish: All steel components shall be thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized for rust resistance in a five-stage pre-treatment process. A high grade of polyester/epoxy powder paint is to be applied electrostatically with a gloss reading of between 55 and 65. The finish shall have a salt spray rating of 250 hours or more.


    ESP Shelving Package: Consists of four uprights, two rear back braces, four side braces, shelves and four ESP clips to mount each shelf. All parts are to be assembled with 1/2 -20 bolts and nuts.


    Uprights: Uprights are 75" long and roll formed from 16 gauge steel into an L shape measuring 1" x 1-3/4 ". The one inch leg has a single row of holes 5/16" diameter and 5/16" square. Every fourth hole is square, spacing is one inch. The 1-3/4 " leg is ribbed for strength. In the center of the rib is a row of 5/16" square holes, spaced on 1" centers. Uprights have a paint finish.


    Back Braces: The back braces consist of two 16 gauge steel bars, 1" wide and 40-13/32" long with rounded ends. Each end has an 11/32" hole, 1/2" from the end. These bars also have a paint finish.


    ESP Clips: The ESP clips are used to hold up the shelves. Four clips are needed for each shelf. The clip is made from 16 gauge steel and is 7/8" X 2-3/4" long. It has two finger hooks to fit
    into two holes of the uprights. These parts are cadmium plated.


    Side Braces: The side braces are made from 16 gauge steel, 2-3/4" wide and up to 23-3/4" long. They have one depression on each end to embrace the upright. This depression contains
    two 5/16" holes 2" apart, so the brace can be screwed to the uprights. Side braces have a paint finish.


    Shelves: The shelves are formed from 22 gauge steel, 35-13/16" long and up to 24" wide by 1-1/8" thick. The corners are lap welded and there are four slots on the long sides, 1/2" from
    each end. All four sides are double bent and the entire shelf is painted.

    On GSA Contract.
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    This price last updated 3/23/2015

    Minimum Orders:
    Effective June 1, 2013, our minimum order is $50.00. A $10.00 charge will apply on any product order of less than our minimum order amount. All orders are subject to a minimum shipping/handling charge of $15.95. All verbal / faxed / or emailed orders will be processed within 24-48 hours. Once you have placed your order via fax, email or telephone, you will receive an order acknowledgement via email or fax to confirm receipt of your order, including any estimated shipping/delivery charge if requested. You may call or email us in advance for the estimated charges. Click here for a faxable order form to place an order or to obtain a quote.

    Prices & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. Terms & Conditions Apply.


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